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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - American BlackJack
  • Min Bet - $1
  • Max Bet - $100
  • Hands - 2
  • Expected return - 97,68%

American BlackJack

American Blackjack is similar to its classic version. Play the game for money at Play Fortuna Casino.

Game Description

Each user plays against the dealer. The main goal is to collect cards until the total number of points is close to 21. If the number of points is higher, you are defeated. 21 Blackjack. The win is 2-3 times higher than the placed bet.

Blackjack Basic Rules

  • Aces - 1 or 11
  • Rest cards - 10
  • The remaining cards correspond to their numeric values

If the total number of cards is more than 21 points, you lose. If the player and dealer have the same number of points (17 or higher), a tie is declared.

After each round played the deck needs to be mixed. The player can split hands only once. In no case late dealing of cards is allowed. The dealer checks for blackjack only if there is an open card (Ace) and an insurance bet is made.

American BlackJack play for free


  • Help - detailed information about the game rules
  • Sound On/Off - turn the sound on or off
  • Ship - individual chip values for betting
  • Bet Options on the Table - selecting a chip, you need to click any bet value
  • Double - doubling the bet and using an additional card
  • Split - the ability to place another bet
  • Deal - start the game after placing bets. The player and the dealer receive the first cards
  • Hit - the dealer deals the card to your current hand
  • Stand - play the available hand. When all the available hands are gone, the dealer continues to deal the cards and determine the outcome of the game.
  • Repeat - previous bets in the next game
  • Clear - Clears all bets and cards on the table

Extra Level

If the dealer's first card is Ace, the player's bet may be insured. Click "Yes" and the insurance bet will appear on the table - half of the initial bet.

If there is a winning blackjack combination, the insurance package pays 2:1 at the insurance bet. If you do not have blackjack, the insurance package does not bring any winnings. You can always refuse insurance by clicking "No".